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Adsense Replacing Bidvertiser

At Oct 14, 2008.

Today, I replacing Bidvertiser ads on the top of the post on this blog by Adsense.
Why? Cause Bidvertiser only give revenue for this blog $0.05 for two clicks only.
I just wanna know how much revenue from AdSense will be get by this blog.

The first time I try to put AdSense, it's so difficult.
I don't understand about programming language like HTML or the new one, XML.
The error code bX-btcvOr from blogger show up several times.
I try to looking for the explanation on blogger, but still...., I don't understand..!!

But, at least. I can put AdSense ads.
The simple thing I do is parse the AdSense code through

BlogToProfit Declined Blogspot

At October 11, 2008.
I registered this blog with
But unfortunately, blogs from are not accepted for sponsorship by at this moment.
My friend said that it was easy to get
sponsorship from Then I tried and got declined.

This is e-mail from BlogToProfit team below;