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SEO. You will have no a good Page Rank in major search engine like, or without Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Every webmaster know about it. They are compete against each other to reach High Page Rank in major search engines. They do keywords research, description and page tittle trick, linking page, backlink, using meta keywords and meta tag descriptions, putting anchor text, manage the website layout, using header tag, ALT image, viral marketing, spread out ads, submitting to many search engines, and many other things just for one reason ........ TO BE NUMBER ONE!!
Wow..., it's seem like to much work to do, right? Are you going dizzy now? Please, don't! Coz if you decide to make a website, you must be learn about it. Except you don't want your website will read by someone else.


Business. Well, I believe that many people know what the business is. Business articles spread out around the world by many kind of medias such as television, newspaper and magazine. Many economists talk about corporation, products, good corporate, ISO, export, import, market, and many other subject.
Since information era replacing industry era which is initialed with internet appearance or usually known with DOTCOM era, new professionals appear more in numbers. In the internet, professionals and newbies (including me) talks about SEO, website, blog, online business, home based business, PPC (pay per clicks), internet marketing, advertising, ezines, Paid review, ebooks, forex, and the like. New based online business come out in numbers. Unfortunately the bad news is many irresponsible businesses are joining in.


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