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Support for on Busby SEO Test

Busby SEO TestFinal is Getting Closer.
I'm watching my friend, Abi Bakar. He is still fighting for that championship riding his blog, rumahabi[dot]com. He get rank #13 on google SERP this day.
13 is an unlucky number for some people, but the opposite for me. That is a LUCKY NUMBER for me. I believe that his blog rank will be increase day by day. Of course, not cause of that number, but his hard working. :)

Busby SEO Test In Busby SEO Test Blog.
That is the tittle of his blog. It's sound a lil' strange, right?
I don't know exactly why he give his blog a tittle like that. Two keyphrase in one tittle?
Perhaps, it's about SEO thing that I never know. It can be new trick. Well, I don't know too much about

GREY BARRED...!!! What's wrong with my blog..??

Sekitar 2 hari yang lalu kudapatkan blog ini berstatus GREY BARRED atau "No PageRank information available" pada Toolbar Google. Padahal 4 hari yang lalu masih baik-baik saja, PageRank-nya masih PR 2. Entah kenapa bisa seperti itu, perasaan aku kagak ngapa-ngapain, lho!
Lha, wong posting aja gak sempat!
Duh, ada yang bisa nolongin gak, ya? Gimana sih caranya nge-check kesalahan yang mungkin terjadi pada blog ini? Please, help me!!

Best Regards,
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