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Busby SEO Test Final is Getting Closer.
I'm watching my friend, Abi Bakar. He is still fighting for that championship riding his blog, rumahabi[dot]com. He get rank #13 on google SERP this day.
13 is an unlucky number for some people, but the opposite for me. That is a LUCKY NUMBER for me. I believe that his blog rank will be increase day by day. Of course, not cause of that number, but his hard working. :)

Busby SEO Test In Busby SEO Test Blog.
That is the tittle of his blog. It's sound a lil' strange, right?
I don't know exactly why he give his blog a tittle like that. Two keyphrase in one tittle?
Perhaps, it's about SEO thing that I never know. It can be new trick. Well, I don't know too much about
SEO. I wanna ask him about that, but...., I'm too shy.

Support for rumahabi[dot]com on Busby SEO Test.
I make this post is for supporting Abi Bakar on that competition.
Why I do that? Because I think he is a good guy.
What kind of a good guy? Well, he share knowledges about blogging, free templates, information about free online businesses, and look like never judging people.
Many blogger do the same things, why I vote for Abi Bakar? Because he is my first "Guru" on my blogging activity. I learn a lot of things from his blogs, even I never meet him face to face. I never know what his face look like and where he live.

Why do I Give One Link Only?
Why do I give one link only to rumahabi[dot]com from this post?
Well, this is about "link share" and google PR, about what google see when some webpage link to other pages. One link from one page is better than three links from one page. So, 1 link from this post to rumahabi[dot]com is more valuable than 3 links from this post to rumahabi[dot]com.
The illustration is:
If you have 1 webpage (PR#1) and share it to 3 pages, google will count it: 0.15 point (PR#0 for the pages you link/vote)
If you have 1 webpage (PR#1) and give it to 1 page only, google will count it: 1 point (PR#1 for the pages you link/vote)

Google Page Rank Formula.
After you read the illustration, perhaps you ask me like this one:"How it can be like that?"
Ok, read this one:

0.15 + 0.85 * (a share of the PR of every webpage that links to it)) = Your Page's PR

I know that Google Page Rank Formula above from Brad Callen.
That's why I give rumahabi[dot]com 1 link only in this post. No other links except 1 link with anchor text: Busby SEO Test.
I do it just for make it more valuable for rumahabi[dot]com. I hope a link from this post will be mean something, even it just a lil' bit.
Don't give up for your battle on Busby SEO Test, bro!

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