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Tonight I'm trying to access some websites, but that appears in the address bar always following URL address:, just like the image above.
And the page that appears displaying the words: "Sorry, we can't find "". Please check the spelling of the web address." and some PPC ads from and Yahoo Search at the bottom of the page. When I click on the words at the bottom-left that says "Click here to disable the Domain Advisor", nothing happen.

I think Firefox is trouble or my computer infected with malware or spyware. After I have studied, it turns out this error is not due to malware, spyware or trouble in Firefox, but because the Toolbar of Panda Cloud Antivirus. I think the filter on the Toolbar that has problems.

A few days ago, I was installing Panda Cloud Antivirus because I want to know the performance of antivirus that uses the method which they called the "Cloud", which they said would not burden the computer because we no longer need to download the update files, all files updated will be on a central server, and Panda Cloud Antivirus will work automatically when the computer is connected to the internet.

Well, after 2-3 days of free Antivirus is installed, the above-mentioned problem arises. So I decide to uninstall Panda Cloud Antivirus. And there is no longer an annoying problem as I have told above.
Phew ........! :)

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