Guatemala Sinkhole Caused by Humans Not by Nature

Guatemala SinkholeThe latest updates from the sinkhole in Guatemala, the National Geographic channel has been suggested that this was caused by human activity, not by Nature. Guatemala's sinkhole may be caused by the bursting of a sewer pipe or storm drain that makes the shape of the sinkhole Guatemala. This allegation comes as experts. Geologist saw that an abnormal opening of the Guatemala Sinkhole is not the typical normal sinkhole.

Why geologists suggest that the Guatemala sinkhole is not a sinkhole?
The Guatemala City sinkhole is estimated to be at having the measurements of 60 feet (18 meters) wide and 300 feet (100 meters) deep, That was first said to be triggered by the Tropical Storm Agatha. Volcanic rocks are said to be deposited under the city, but "In Guatemala City [the pumice is] unconsolidated, it's loose," he said. "It hasn't been hardened into a rock yet, so it's easily eroded, ESPECIALLY by swift running water." Natural sinkholes generally form when heavy, water-saturated soil causes the roof of an underground limestone cavity to collapse, or when water widens a natural fracture in limestone bedrock. That is said by geologists. .

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