Readbud Is A Scam

About 7 months ago, I attended a PTC program called Readbud. I just wanted to know whether Readbud scam or not, because few reviews about it. I found some proof of payment on the internet, although they look suspicious. However, very few who say that Readbud is a scam.

Around last November, I reached the promised payout value, and I do redeem, but in fact until now there is no money coming from Readbud into my Paypal account. Even when I asked the admin, no reply at all. Well, now I have proven myself that Readbud is a scam.

To the friends who had signed up through my link in my previous post, entitled Work At Home And Get Paid To Read Articles: I apologize for that.

This is a lesson for me that everything looked "To Good To Be True" is probably a scam.

Admin of Business Review.

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