27 August 2008

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Fact.

4 Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Fact.

Fact 1:
You do not need to submit to Google Submit Form to getting indexed by Google. Why? Read my older post!

Fact 2:
If you are not on the first page of search results, 60% of internet users will not find you!

Fact 3:
Having a TITTLE and correct META TAGS is the most basic step toward SEO. It's usually not enough to help your blog pages to get top rankings in search engines. Of course this can help, but it's not enough! In order to increase your search engine rankings or If you want maximum search engine exposure for your blogs, you need powerful and proven SEO tools the pro's use to get top rankings

Fact 4:
You have a choice:
First choice, you can either pay the pro's to optimize the blog for you.
Second choice, you can learn to optimize your blog by yourself.
I hate both! But I do the second choice even it take a long time.
I believe that you know why.

After all of its.
I think the content of your blog is more important.
The Content Is The King!

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