Mystic Rainwater Collection System 14209 by Oatey

The Mystic rainwater collection system is used to recycle rainwater by directing rainwater from downspouts into collection barrels (not included) for re use in lawn and garden watering. The Mystic is easily installed and will fit on a standard 2'' by 3'' residential downspout. Step by step instructions are included along with a 4' high flow hose to connect the diverter to the collection container. The 2 piece design is made of durable, UV resistant material and can be painted to match the downspout color.

Customer reviews:
I just purchased this ahead of a projected rainy weekend in Utah, which is a rarity in the second driest state. I measured exactly and ended up cutting out 6 1/2 inches of gutter vs. what the recommendation was. This allowed me to use the same hole for the gutter strap but regardless it is easy to push the sheet metal screw from the strap through the gutter to make a new hole if needed. I started with a Dremel tool to make the cut but a hacksaw was easier all around. Place cardboard behind the gutter before you cut and be patient, the back cut is the slowest. Took about 3-5 minutes per cut. Make sure you are above the top of your rain barrel. The hose that comes with it I am sure is fine but I used the corrugated hose that came with my rain barrels because it won't collapse and the black is less obtrusive.
I filled both 55 gallon barrels in about 8 hours. Would have been much time less had I waited for the heavier rain that came overnight. My barrels are not the sealed type and so I can either divert the extra runoff away from the house with the hose from the barrel or use the plug that comes with the unit to winterized it. I chose to plug it until the next storm because the runoff from the downspout goes into my garden. It works exactly as others have said. The water sticks to the inside wall of the gutter and thus diverts easily to the barrels. Very little comes down the downspout until the barrels are full. I don't remember if it said this anywhere but obviously you can have it divert to either side.
- Susie -

These are the 2nd set of diverters that I've had. My first ones were powder coated metal and were a lousy fit and poor design. These are a great fit. I need to paint them to match the down spouts, but they work great. First 1/4" of rain we had after I installed them, all my 50 gal barrels were full.
I see where some people are skeptical about the small interior trough for catching rain. The water running down the inside of the downspout mostly clings to the side. Note that the upper section should not slide too high onto the downspout. It should stop no lower than the plastic seam, else the water will break surface tension and miss the collection trough.
I've also noted some people complaining about the white tubing that comes bent up in the package. It does take a day or so "relaxing" in the sun to soften it up, but I'm delighted with it after that. It has a 1-1/4" inside diameter so any plastic tubing connectors will work with it. Oatey gives you plenty of it, and I was very happy with it. Note my pictures of a couple different installations.
- T.Cannon -

This is a great rainwater diverter! It works well and is reasonably easy to install. If you have metal gutters it can be a little difficult cutting out the back part of the gutter but its not terribly frustrating or even time consuming. I'd also like to address a common comment mentioned in both the questions and reviews.

To Connect this to a Blue 55 Gallon Food Barrel:
  • Buy a 3/4 x 1/2 Reducing Male Adapter at your hardware store. (See the picture below)
  • Buy a small hose clamp. (See the picture below)
  • The threaded end of the PVC Adapter will fit in the smaller hole in your lid.
  • Place the Hose Clamp around the Enclosed Tubing.
  • Place the tubing over the other end of the adapter and secure the clamp.
This filled an entire 55 gallon on the first mild rain we had. Realize however that the amount of water you collect is influenced by a lot of different factors including how much guttering you have and how many other down spouts are available.

My only complaint about this product would be the tubing. It is very stiff and somewhat kinked. Overall I would much prefer something a little easier to work with. However given that it still collected a large amount of water and handled overflow correctly I can't complain too much.
- J. Terry -

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