19 February 2018

Rain Barrel 40-Gallon, Rain Wizard from Good Ideas RW40-OAK

Helping the Earth and your Garden
Save the planet, water and money. Over 40% of our water is used outside our homes. Ballooning populations, reduction of fresh water and drought from climate change is making water increasingly more valuable. If we saved even just 100 gallons a year per person (the average daily use per person) The US alone would save 30 billion gallons annually.

Rain Barrels
Rain barrels have been used for thousands of years to collect and save water. Today, millions of people use rain barrels to bring natural water to their lawn and plants while some even convert it into drinking water. Technology has helped to make these barrels more feature rich and efficient than ever before.

Brass hose bibb
This brass plated, turn-down spigot is 3/4 inch to work with standard hose hookups. And it's no kink design keeps water flowing. Comes with plumber's tape to seal.

Screened for protection
The anti-debris and bug screen on the barrel's top will work with standard 2x3 and 3x4 downspouts. The soft mesh keeps out mosquitoes and other pests and can be removed with a phillips head screwdriver. The front overflow screen lets excess water drain away from the foundation to avoid flooding.

Back to the wall
To reduce the barrel's footprint, we've flattened the back of the traditional oak barrel design so it hugs exterior walls. The fine wood grain texture still brings out that authentic, oak barrel appearance.

  • Made of BPA-free, FDA approved resin
  • Linkable to other barrels for increased capacity using separately sold linking kit
  • High quality brass spigot for hose hook-up + overflow spout
  • Screen to keep out debris, insects, animals, and children
  • 40 gallon capacity
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Color:Oak

Product description:
When drought sets in and rain is short, rain barrels can provide that precious water you need for your lawn and garden. The Rain Wizard 40 can provide up to 40 gallons of pure, unchlorinated water when municipalities declare periods of low water usage. During heavy rain falls, a typical roof can produce hundreds of gallons of water. By saving that water, you can reduce your average water usage by up to 40%. With those kinds of savings, the Rain Wizard 40 can pay for itself in just a few seasons. The Rain Wizard 40 features an attractive faux oak barrel design so it naturally fits in with your landscape. And the wide variety of colors allows you to even further match your barrel to your home and yard without standing out. Its plastic screen mesh is newly designed to keep out bugs, animals, and debris while still being easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance and is gentle on skin. A front side overflow keeps water from flooding against your outside wall. The flat-back design is one of the most convenient features as it allows your barrel to sit right up against your home so you don't have to worry about purchasing excess downspout parts. These barrels are tough. While most barrels will crack or become brittle in the winter time, the Rain Wizard 40 will stay strong. It is still recommended that you drain your barrels when temperatures approach the freezing point. And if you're looking for the best deal for the planet, be sure to get a Black Rain Wizard 40; These barrels are made of 100% recycled resin. Don't forget, you can increase your storage and savings with the Rain Wizard connector kit (don't worry, it works with nearly all Rain Wizard models). Or boost your pressure and make room for buckets with the Rain Wizard Stand

Customer reviews:
I have six 40 gal. oak colored barrels that I purchased more than a year ago, but when the oak colored barrel is $33 more than the green barrel, and is otherwise identical, guess what color my additional two barrels are. We have a front yard fountain and live in an area with very hard water, so I didn't want to have to clean hard water deposits from the fountain and mess up the pump, so I cycle rain water through the fountain. I have three interconnected barrels per downspout in the backyard which only take about a two hour rain to fill them all. You have to elevate the barrels to get a jug or bucket under the spouts. Mine are elevated about 10-12 inches with block. One inch rubber hose with worm gear hose clamps connect the barrels (better than the "kits" they sell). Each barrel is about 1/2 inch lower than the one before it in line. The last barrel in line has a overflow return back to the downspout which sends the overflow to the street. Oh yeah, those little holes in the front?--I plugged them to force the overflow to go to the next barrel in line. Sure saves on the water bill !
- oldguy -

Excellent barrel. Just installed this with a diverter as shown in my pic here. I highly recommend the diverter so you can divert water to the regular downspout during winter. Also, when there is heavy rain you can divert a slower amount into the barrel so it doesn't overwhelm the screen. The screen is meant to keep mosquitos out so it doesn't allow a lot of water to enter the barrel without overflowing the top of the barrel. I plan on just using my regular downspout when there will be heavy rain. If you don't use the diverter just make sure the ground around the barrel will drain excess water away from your foundation. Since my ground does slope away a little bit I didn't bother attaching an overflow drain. I will just let the overflow drain down the barrel's front overflow screen.
- CoreyF -

I'll start with 5 stars. Will update next season.
We have an unhappy reviewer stating poor quality simply based on the overflow nipple. Seriously? Another reviewer is unhappy because he left it outside in the "prolonged" winter and the bottom cracked. Since he had it for like a year and a half, he is upset because the warranty of 30 days was not extended to cover his loss. Did he leave water in it to freeze and expand?
The barrel is plastic. Empty it in the fall if you have cold winters. Put it in a protected area. A garage or a shed. Toss it in your basement. It only weighs 22 pounds. If you leave it outside, cover it to keep out rain water and stop the UV light from deteriorating the plastic and bleaching the color. Take some responsibility!
This barrel cannot be used with the automatic type of rainwater collection pipe (Mystic Rainwater Collection System).
This must be used by simply pointing your existing downspout into the top of the barrel. So yes, overflow will exit the cutout on the top front of the barrel spilling down the front. Connect a hose to it. There are also 2 additional connection nipples located near the top towards the back. They are capped with rubber caps. Remove the caps, secure a piece of hose to each nipple and point the hose away from the structure.
I don't really understand, hopefully someone will explain, the huge price differential with the same products sold by the same sellers on this site. I purchased my barrel a couple of weeks ago. The price was 67 bucks and there was a coupon for 8 bucks. No shipping charge. So my cost was 59 bucks. Today I see this barrel priced at 87 with 2 bucks for shipping. Are the lower prices simply sale prices or is there some other more devious plan going on here.
If you can get this barrel at the lower price, go for it. For 90 bucks, a better barrel can be found.
- Woody -
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